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Doctor's recommendations

Doctor Vascular surgeon Philip Doctor Philip
Vascular surgeon
11 years
I recommend that my patients use Varicobooster for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins in France. Its composition is natural and very effective. I recommend this cream to those who have just seen the first signs of varicose veins and to those who have been struggling with the disease for years. Troxerutin and horse chestnut extract are the most important ingredients in this product. Thanks to this component, the venous wall becomes more elastic and resistant to adverse factors. I really appreciate this tool.

Varicose veins are one of the most common diseases of the cardiovascular system; men and women suffer, regardless of gender and age.

The disease develops very rapidly, the first signs of a feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs, the appearance of spider veins, and swelling of the legs.

Already in the first stage, active measures should be taken to treat and prevent varicose veins, and Varicobooster will be an indispensable helper in this problem.

How effective is the cream?

The action of Varicobooster cream aims to combat varicose veins

Professional cream against varicose veins Varicobooster is a natural remedy, the action of which aims to combat varicose veins.

It has a local effect, the result after its immediate application: lightness appears on the feet, the skin is tightened and moisturized, the veins become almost invisible.

This product strengthens the walls of blood vessels, removes their fragility, removes protruding venous walls. The effectiveness of the drug has been proven at all stages of the disease, including the prevention of varicose veins.

With regular use of the product, the first effects can be seen in a few weeks after the start of use.

The composition of the ointment

The secret of the effectiveness of Varicobooster lies in its composition: natural plant extracts and essential oils in combination with troxerutin have venotonic, wound healing, decongestant and antiseptic effects.

Horse chestnut extract and birch leaves increase the elasticity of blood vessels and reduce their permeability, thinning blood and blood clots.

Varicobooster cream contains horse chestnut extract

Caffeine, honey, ginkgo biloba stimulate blood flow, strengthen blood vessel walls, increase metabolism and tissue regeneration processes.

Troxerutin relieves inflammation, relieves pain and swelling, and essential oils (coconut, soy and lemon) nourish and soften the skin, reduce sweating and give the skin a pleasant aroma.

Wormwood, menthol, chamomile and nettle remove odors, soothe, refresh the skin of the feet, give them extra lightness and strength. Buy Varicobooster is recommended for everyone who really cares about the health of their feet.

The effect of the cream on the blood vessels

Instructions for use

As you know, any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. This cream is irreplaceable for people who are constantly faced with risk factors for the development of varicose veins: inactive work, inactive lifestyle, overweight, heredity, strenuous physical activity.

This product has passed certification in France and other CIS countries, clinical trials at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The action of this drug is highly appreciated by doctors and patients.

Patient reviews about the use of Varicobooster can be found in large numbers on the website, almost all of which are positive.

This drug can be used for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins, it helps men and women well.

Varicobooster is intended for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins

The composition deliberately affects the problem, without affecting the general state of the body and hormonal background.

The price of the product is € 49 - what is the price in other countries, which is much lower than treatment by a vascular surgeon.

How to use medicine
  1. Apply the cream on clean and dry skin 2-3 times a day
  2. Rub the cream into the skin with a light massage motion
  3. Use the composition daily for 1-2 months.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to drug components. During pregnancy and lactation, expert consultation is required.

Varicobooster is a natural cream that restores the beauty and health of the feet. Thousands of people around the world have appreciated his actions.

You can order the ointment on the official website in France. Trust Varicobooster with your foot health!

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